The best microgreens in Tampa Bay.

Organically Grown

Our delicious, non-GMO microgreens are grown by strictly following organic farming methods. NO toxic pesticides or chemicals are ever used.

Delicious & Healthy

Microgreens are nutrient dense super foods that can help to prevent serious disease while supporting the health of your immune and digestive systems. 

Local & Sustainable

Our family-owned urban farm is located in the Tampa Bay area. Local farms are more sustainable and help to protect your food security.

Free delivery to many areas in HillsboroughPasco, and Pinellas counties.

Get one pound (or more) of fresh, organically grown microgreens.

Build your own box from broccoli, radish, pea shoots, or wheat grass.

Kind words from customers.

Jamey Harper

Business Owner

Dunedin Vegan Deli

Clearwater, FL

"Our customers love the microgreens from Green Circle Growers and we love their great customer service."

Larry Kraujalis

Home Delivery Customer

Clearwater, FL

"This is a premium service that delivers fresh, delicious, and highly nutritious living food products. Keep up the great work!"

Aysegul Perek

Business Owner

Fresca Vida

Clearwater, FL

"We love the fresh microgreens from Green Circle Growers. Our customers often ask how they can get the same microgreens to use at home."

Microgreens are...

Veggies you know and love.

Our delicious broccoli, radish, and green pea shoot microgreens are harvested when only 12 days old. We also grow fresh wheat grass that's perfect for juicing.

Nutrient dense super foods.

University testing confirms that microgreens contain up to 40 times more of the essential vitamins, minerals, and bio-active compounds found in fully grown veggies.

Delicious and fresh.

You'll love the bold vegetable flavors and textures of our microgreens. Discover again what fresh veggies are supposed to taste like!

Highly versatile.

Microgreens are great in salads, wraps, health juices, omelettes, stir-fries, soups and many other types of dishes that use leafy greens.