About Us

Hello. My name is Richard Jonas and I'm the owner, along with my wife, of Green Circle Growers.


Like most Americans, I was raised with very little awareness of the profound impact that nutrition and lifestyle choices have on our health and longevity. It wasn't until I lost a second family member to cancer that I started to educate myself about the actual causes of disease and what, if anything, I could do to avoid the same fate. I soon learned that the standard American diet (SAD) is closely linked to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, weakened immune systems, and many other chronic diseases and disorders.


I also learned that it is possible for our bodies to heal and regenerate, even after decades of abuse and malnutrition. We are designed to be able to heal but we can't continue to poison ourselves and expect healing to manifest. And that's the reason we started Green Circle Growers - to provide our community with a reliable source of delicious food that supports peak nutrition, healing, and the prevention of avoidable diseases.


We sincerely hope that our microgreens will become a part of your journey of health and healing.


Grace and Peace to you!